Tokyo Woman's Christian University
School of Arts and Sciences
Division of Psychology and Communication
Department of Communication

Noriko Kawasaki

Academic background

  1. University of Massachusetts, Amherst Department of Linguistics Doctor course 1993/02 Graduated United States of America

Academic degrees

  1. 教養学士 International Christian University 1979/03
  2. 教育学修士 International Christian University 1982/03
  3. Ph.D. in Linguistics University of Massachusetts 1993/02

Current state of research and teaching activities

Noriko Kawasaki currently teaches at the Department of Language Sciences and the Department of Communication, Tokyo Woman's Christian University. Noriko does research in Morphology and Syntax of human languages. Her article 'A phonological analysis of verb agreement in sign languages' is to appear in "UMOP 40: A Festschrift for Margaret Speas" (GLSA, UMass, Amherst).

Research Areas

  1. Linguistics

Research keywords

  1. 言語学
  2. Generative Grammar
  3. Japanese language, English language, Japanese Sign Language

Subject of research

  1. Syntactic structures of the double object constructions in Japanese and English 2004/04-2010/12
  2. Verb Agreement in Sign Languages I am pursuing an Optimality Theoretic analysis of verb agreement in sign languages, which spells out how the differences between signed and spoken languages arise from a single mechanism given their difference in modality. 2011
  3. Syntax, semantics, and phonology of spoken and signed languages 人間の脳に内在する言語能力の特質について研究している。特に、語彙範疇と機能範疇がどのように文を形作っているか、このようなシステムがこどもの中でどのようにして発達するかなどの問題に取り組んでいる。


  1. A Phonological Analysis of Verb Agreement in Sign Languages 2018/11/26
  2. Two puzzles on the nominative particle ga in Japanese 2018/10
  3. Lexical Roots in the Double Object Construction 2010/03
  4. Causative Alternation of Ditransitives 2007
  5. How Minimalistic Is Human Language 2001

Research presentations

  1. 手話の読み取りに対する左半側空間無視の影響 2018/12/07
  2. Verb Agreement in Sign Languages and Beyond 2016/09/25
  3. Verb Agreement in Sign Languages 2015/06/20
  4. 手話言語はagreeするか 2004/03/25

Social Contribution

  1. 第6回栃木県登録手話通訳者指定研修会「ことばの仕組み」
  2. 2017 Fulbright Competition Interviewer (Linguistics)
  3. ろう者と聴者が協働する手話言語学ワークショップ「日本手話の一致に関わる表現」
  4. 2009 Fulbright Competition Interviewer (Linguistics)

Memberships of academic societies

  1. Linguistic Society of America
  2. The English Linguistic Society of Japan
  3. The Linguistic Society of Japan

Committee Career

  1. English Linguistic Society of Japan Councilor 2018/04/01
  2. The English Linguistic Society of Japan Editorial Board 2013/07/01-2017/09/30
  3. Japanese English Linguistic Society Conference Organizing Committee 1999/12-2001/11